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Jan 2022

Episode 185: Modern RPGs

     Saul was reading some reddit posts and a user had a question about "good Modern RPG games."   Saul decided it would make an interesting episode for this podcast.  

      Saul asked Jolene and she had some very good questions about what the user meant by "Modern".  Jolene asked if it meant the 1920's or the 2020's .  She also asked if the user wanted to play a spy game, investigative, or survival game or any of other genres that could fall under the umbrella of a "Modern" game.  

    Thank you all for listening.


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Jan 2022

Episode 184: New RPGs for 2022

     Happy New Year,  yes we are well into it already.  Saul decided to share games that will be published in 2022 that he is looking forward to or are too bid to ignore.

     Thanks for listening.

Jan 2022

Episode 183: Homebrews and House Rules, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

      In this episode Saul and Jolene discuss what Homebrews and House Rules are in RPGs.  Saul defines each one and gives examples of each.  They are different creatures though most people might think they are the same thing.  

     As always thanks for listening.


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Jan 2022

Episode 182: The Action Economy, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

In running games that have combat one of the most difficult things as a GM to work out is how hard to make an encounter.  This is usually called balancing an encounter.  In this episode Saul and Jolene discuss the idea of the Action Economy in RPGs, and how much it can impact your combat encounters.

   Happy New Year and Thanks for listening.


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Dec 2021

Episode 181: The Wheel of Time RPG, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

     This is a Spoiler Free Episode.

    Full disclosure Saul and Jolene are have been fans of the Wheel of Time Books since the mid 1990's, and they both love the TV show.  

     With that out of the way this episode discusses the old WOTC Wheel of Time RPG and what other systems you can use to run a Wheel of Time game.   

     Also Saul was a bit off on his estimation of the cost of the Wheel of Time RPG which is out of print.  A few months ago people were asking about $150 tops.  Now the lowest asking price is $140 bucks.  Amazon it's $420.  And the PDF is not available.  

     Here is a link to the 5th edition conversion.  It was last updated 6 years ago but playable if you want to start playing right away.

   As always thanks for listening, have a great Holiday Season Everyone!

    Music by Vlad, song Wheels Keep Turning.

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Dec 2021

Episode 180: GPs Christmas List 2021, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

   Its the Holiday Season and Saul and Jolene discuss games that would make great gifts for your RPG Gamer.  It's not a definitive list, obviously but it should give you a few quick ideas as Christmas Day approaches. 

  Thanks for listening,


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Dec 2021

Episode 179: TPKs in RPGs

    In this episode Saul and Jolene discuss TPKs.  Saul has very little experience with TPKs and had for many years seen it as negative.  A sign of a terrible GM, or Players not playing very intelligently.

    Years later with one whole TPK under his belt his attitude toward TPKs has changed.  Jolene is not totally convinced that TPKs can be a good resolution to a campaign or a game.  

   Thanks for Listening.


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Dec 2021

Episode 178: Nostalgia in RPGs, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

     Saul has been noticing quite a few Kickstarters and new editions of old RPGs.   Some of them really old such as Runequest, Tunnels and Trolls and Twilight 2000.   In fact the Twilight 2000 4th edition by Free League funded extremely well. 

     In this episode Saul and Jolene discuss what could be driving the reprinting and the new editions of some very old games and why are they doing so well?

 Thanks for Listening.

  Music by Sonic Mystery, song Nostalgia


Nov 2021

Episode 177: Playing Your Best Game, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

     At one point as a RPG players your going to get into a situation where you may not be playing in a game that isn't your favorite.  Whether the RPG game Shuffler at the Game Con did you wrong or your GM really wants to run a game that isn't exactly the type of game you really like you need to decide to play or make the best of it.

     In this episode Saul and Jolene discuss games where the ones they participated in were not high on their list of the type of game they usually preferred.  From your friend's house to the Game Con you might be stuck, roped, or land in a RPG that isn't "your cup of tea."  Well listen to this episode and see what Saul and Jolene have done and do in this situation.

   Thanks for listening and please share our podcast..


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Nov 2021

Episode 176: Co-GMing RPGs, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

      Saul and Jolene wondered about multiple GMs running a campaign together.  Not at the same time but alternating GM between adventures or story arcs.  When Jolene searched on the subject most of the hits were about GMs running the game together.   

    Saul has had a few experiences with co-gming one successful another not so much.  For the most part Saul and Jolene think Co-GMing could be a good thing if you do work before the games begin.


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