Feb 18, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Live at Dundracon Sunday

      We got all kinds of people to join us on the microphone as we recorded Live at DunDraCon on Sunday.  From Mike E. the executive producer of Kublacon and shared us new things happening at his game convention.  We got Dundrcon staff Rachelle B the Publicist, Ariel P LARP coordinator, Meg C Demo coordinator and Con Reg Deputy, Becky T. Teen Room coordinator.  And we got a long time running GM Doc Cross a legend at DDC who has run a Toon rpg for the last 33 years!!

    Items mentioned in our podcast.


    The Roleplay Workshop


     Doc Cross on Face Book and d.cross on Twitter

      Dystopia Rising 

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      Next is KublaCon where we will be doing another Live Recording of Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene.

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Feb 18, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Live at Dundracon Saturday

     Saul and Jolene attend one of the favorite local gaming conventions called DunDraCon, which was nice enough to give us room in their very busy and packed to the gills convention to do a live recording of our podcast.  For us we learned a great deal about setting up our podcast for live recording.  But it was a lot of fun and we got some great comments by con attendees that stopped by our table.  This was our first recording in a crowded space so the level of background noise if much higher than our regular "studio".   Its also not edited except for a bad word than had to be bleeped, but I think it was a good first effort. 

    We would like to especially thank David Jones for coming back to us to tell us what his DDC experience had been.  We had a Pre-DDC interview where we got to know David.   

   We would also like to Thank Dundracon attendees Cathy M.  Elaine C. and Bay C.   for stopping by and answering our questions.


    Saul and Jolene..  Sorry no intro or outro music which should return with our regular Episodes. 


       Have a Good Day!!

     Saul and Jolene




Feb 14, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene The Ezra Denney Interview

    The Last but not least of the Pre-Dundracon interviews, this one is with Ezra Denney.  I got to know these GM's by going to local gaming conventions.  Ezra is one of the best at running games that uses a lot of improvisation, which is not an easy skill to develop.  I had the pleasure of playing in one of his Paranoia games at Big Bad Con about 5 years ago and it is the best Paranoia game I have ever played in.  So when I sent out a call to do the interviews, Ezra was one of the first ones to sign on.  This was the 2nd attempt at the interview as the first one was during a West Coast Storm that knocked out Ezra's internet.  But he was gracious enough to try again and we are lucky to have him on our show.

     Ezra is doing a actual play of Mask's of Nyarlathotep on Twitch and You Tube here is the link to the You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f3c5fFMm1k&fbclid=IwAR1dr6jedHEplcSr6VUYfZDIEAVf5GRWLXh1KKuyVOMgz7nx0dcX-Ex3RD0

      These interviews were recorded in our non-standard time.  We usually record Sunday morning at 6 am which is why you might hear us yawn and stretch but here you have phone ringing and particularly loud cars zoom by.  No intro music  with these bonus episodes..  

       We will be recording LIVE at : http://www.dundracon.com/   Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am to 11am.

     And Thanks to Ezra, David and Shannon for letting us interview them.  See you at DunDraCon!!!




Feb 13, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Bonus Episode The Shannon Mac Interview

      The Second Interview with a GM that is attending and running games at Dundracon.  Shannon is a very accomplished GM and usually has many people trying to get into his very well regarded games.  

      Saul and Jolene will be doing a live recording from Dundracon on Sat and Sun.  Hope to see you all there.


    Thanks to Shannon for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview with us.




Feb 13, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene, Bonus Episode. Pre-Dundracon Interview David Jones.

    Saul and Jolene are taking Gaming Perspectives on the road when they attend DunDraCon taking place over President's Day weekend.  This is the first GM David Jones.  He will be running a Tales From the Loop game on Friday Night.  You can see the DDC program online.

      We would like to thank David for taking time to do this interview.  


     See you at DunDraCon!!!




Feb 9, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode Thirty-Seven: Mystery Adventures

     Saul and Jolene discuss what systems are good for running mystery adventures.   Saul really likes the Gumshoe line of RPGs which are specifically made for running mystery games.  Also good for mystery games is the Fate Core system as it is not a combat heavy game.  Jolene reminds Saul that he had run a couple mystery games using Pathfinder and 5th Edition D&D.   Other subjects relating to mysteries are discussed in relation to rpgs from movies like Murder on the Orient Express and tv shows like, The Rockford Files, The Republic of Doyle, and Scooby Doo.  


  The Full line of Gumshoe games can be found here:  http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/gumshoe/

  Information about the Rockford Files show: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071042/

  The Saturday Morning Cartoon Scooby Doo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scooby-Doo

   The Republic of Doyle tv show : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Doyle


      Music by Jared Leibowich, song We Love Mystery 

    Available at FreeMusicArchive


Feb 2, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode Thirty-Six: Player Narrative Control

     In this episode Saul and Jolene talk about Player Narrative Control in RPG's.   It is sometimes difficult to define some of the terms that pop up in Role Playing games.  Saul defines what Narrative Control means to him and Jolene questions his definition.  Saul and Jolene discuss this term and what it means in role playing games.  Saul describes games that don't have implicit narrative control like old school games like Original D&D, Space Opera, Shadowrun and those that do like Feng Shui, Fate and GM less games.  Jolene questions if it is needed or even wanted by players, Saul ponders that with certain players that want that kind of experience player narrative control can make a good rpg session.  


       Some links to things mentioned in this Episode,

      Critical Role a very popular actual play program played and GMed by voice actors.  They are very famous in video games and animated shows but are very good at playing D&D.  They play D&D 5th Edition using a world made up by Matt Mercer a very inventive storytelling GM.  They are playing their 2nd campaign.  Both campaigns are available as a video and pod cast.      https://critrole.com/


      The Secret Kabal Podcast is mainly a board game podcast but recently included another podcast that deals with RPGs, mainly D&D 5th edition



    Music by The Blend, song Control on the album, Losing the Game.

   Available at FreeMusicArchive.com


Jan 27, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode 35: Psychology in Gaming

     Can roleplaying games be more than games?  Saul and Jolene talk about psychology in roleplaying games.  Jolene curiosity was piqued when this subject was brought up in the many esoteric conversations she has with Saul.  After a bit of research and discussion with Saul the present episode was born.  There has always been talk about how rpgs can be used other than a game.  It turns out there have been many programs and research on the subject of roleplaying games.   

     Below are articles and programs where rpgs are used as tools for therapy.

      Operation Z Day, a program to help clients use public transportation in Tocoma  http://www2.rpgresearch.com/blog/using-role-playing-games-for-autism-spectrum-participants





         Music by Nick Bommorito,  song Folk Psychology from the album Harp Fragments.

   Available from FreeMusicArchive.com





Jan 19, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode: Thirty-Four: Supernatural RPG

     In this Episode we talk about the TV cult hit Supernatural RPG.  It is a favorite show of both Saul and Jolene.  They discuss the Supernatural RPG published by Margaret Weis Productions.  Saul talks about why he liked the system, now called, Cortex Classic.  And of course the show the RPG is based on.  It is a modern day monster hunting game.  Saul tells a story of Jolene trying to play from the couch until she finally has enough and joins the table to play.  

     The game creator was Jamie Chambers not the person I mentioned on the podcast.. oops..


   Music by Mystified,  Song Spooky on the album Themes.

  Available at FreeMusicArchive.com


Jan 12, 2019

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode Thirty-Three: Creating Encounters

     In this episode Saul and Jolene talk about how they make encounters and things they consider when making those encounters. Jolene talks about killing Saul's newly made Paladin character in the first session he gets to play in.  Well luckily for Saul they are playing 5th Edition D&D so the Paladin only went down for a couple of rounds.  So Saul and Jolene discuss what goes through their minds as they try to make encounters that are challenging and fun but not overpowering.  A few examples of encounters that did not go well but we learn from all things especially mistakes.

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     Music by,  David Hilowitz, song Close Encounter off the album Close Encounter

    Available from FreeMusicArchive.com


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