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May 2021

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode 150: Planning the Middle of a RPG Campaign

May 2, 2021

     The Middle of the Campaign is the most meaty and the where most of the game happens.  Most GMs come up with great beginnings with an eye to the end but most of the game takes place in this nebulous part of the campaign, I am calling the middle.  So how do you plan for this part of the campaign?  

     Saul and Jolene discuss how to plan for the middle of the campaign.  Discussing different types of game setting, types of rpgs, the amount of player agency and how it will affect the planning of your middle campaign.

    Also we had a request to mention a charity from a fellow RPG player.  

    The Charity is called the RPG Creators Relief Fund.  Please give if you can.

    As always thanks for listening.   

  Music by Off Ramp, song The Middle, off the album Dark Matter.

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