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Apr 2021

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene Episode 146: Animal and Anamorphic RPGs

April 3, 2021

     Saul and Jolene explore RPGs which subject are animals or anamorphic in nature.  Saul talks about his first experience playing an animal rpg called Bunnies and Burrows.  Saul goes into some details about B&B.  Saul recounts the next game being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which he briefly collected the comic books but didn't get the RPG until the mid 90's after the first TNMT movie had come out by New Line Cinema.   

     Jolene's first encounter with this kind of game was in Gamma World were some of the creatures were mutated animals of which the two most famous mutants were Hoops and Hoppers.  

      Other games mentions and discussed are  Albedo: The RPG, Usagi Yojimbo RPG, Justifiers RPG, Pugmire RPG, The Monarchies of Mau and Historia. 


   Music by Kin Kobra, song Little Animal, album 29 and Wasted to the Bone.

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