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Apr 2021

Gaming Perspectives With Saul and Jolene Bonus Episode: Stephen Turner of Britannia Game Design

April 21, 2021

    Today we have a bonus episode, an interview of Stephen Turner of Britannia Game Design the creators of Chivalry and Sorcery 5th edition.   C&S has a long history, first published in 1977 by Fantasy Games Unlimited.  In this interview we discover Stephen's gamer roots and then learn of how he became to be the publisher if this historic RPG and plans for the future of Britannia Game Design.

     As always thank you all for listening.


    Chivalry and Sorcery have a "Bundle of Holding" that benefits the Honey Pot Children's Charity.

   Here is the link to the C&S Bundle:

  Here is the link to the Charity itself and the amazing work they do: