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May 2021

Gaming Perspectives With Saul and Jolene Bonus Episode: Paul Mitchener

May 12, 2021

    In this bonus episode Saul and Jolene interview Paul Mitchener creator of Liminal an urban fantasy rpg based in England and it's folklore.  Liminal was successfully Kickstarted by funding 6 times it goal.  Liminal uses a very creative 2d6 system in which you can create a wide variety of character in little time.  Recently Paul Kickstartered Out of the Ashes a fantasy post apocalyptic rpg.  Out of the Ashes will use a similar dice mechanic but instead of 2d6 it is a 2d10 system.  

     Saul and Jolene ask about his geek history, and Paul has plenty of geek cred and he is a Professor of Mathematics at Sheffield University.   

      Saul and Jolene really like the bonus interviews as we see that though we may come from varied backgrounds and countries we all share something by being RPG gamers.

   Here is the link to the Liminal KS page:

    Here is the link to the Out of Ashes KS Page:

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