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Sep 2022

Episode 212: Symbaroum an Alternative to D&D 5th ed

September 15, 2022

     Saul and Jolene continue their discussion of Fantasy Role-Playing games that are not D&D.  This week's game is Symbaroum a game by Free League publishing.   Like Warhammer Fantasy, this game is darker and grittier than Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition.  But unlike Warhammer Fantasy the rules are much lighter and easier to learn and play.   
      The discussion does cover the idea that because D&D 5th is so extremely popular that Free League has published a D&D 5th edtion of Symbaroum and the One Ring.  Saul and Jolene discuss why they would make 5th edtions of their game.
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 Web Art by Jim Foster
 Episode Art by Michael Shean-Jones
    Music by Klawie, song Out Pacing the Grim Reaper, from the album About Love and War.