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Sep 2022

Episode 211: Warhammer FRPG an Alternative to D&D, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

September 9, 2022

     Saul and Jolene have been asked and seen many posts on social media about alternatives to D&D.  Saul decided to stay in the Fantasy Genre and chose a couple of games that are in the same genre but come at Fantasy from a totally different perspective.  
     This was supposed to be a single episode discussing a couple of what Saul considers very good examples of being Fantasy RPGs but as far removed from D&D as possible in rules and setting.  The first to be discussed is Warhammer Fantasy RPG.   Saul discusses how Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying game is different from the very popular D&D 5th edition.
       From the Grim world setting which is very different from most setting in D&D to the very deadly system which pairs very well with the world of Warhammer.  The rules are not only deadly but a bit more crunchy/complicated than D&D 5th edtion.   The system makes the players play in a different style.  Combat is always brutal should be a last resort and often ends with brutal consequences even for the victor.
      This was supposed to be a single episode featuring two alternative Fantasy RPGs to D&D.  Unfortunately we only discussed Warhammer so this must be a two episode topic.
    As Always Thank You All for Listening.

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