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Aug 2022

Episode 210: Going Outside GM Parameters, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

August 24, 2022

     In this episode Saul tries to give advice from a query on FB.  The post asked advice on how to deal with two players in their group of four players that always go beyond the limitations the GM wanted in their RPG campaign.  From using races and classes from books the were not on the GM's list, to porting characters from long dead campaigns from several edition past.  
     Saul and Jolene give it their best shot at dealing with these players who seem committed to upsetting the GM's concept of their campaign or aloof to the parameters that the GM put in place.
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   Episode Art by Michael Shean-Jones
   Web Art by Jim Foster

Music by Chris Spring, song Limitations, off the album The Universe is Flat
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