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Aug 2022

Episode 209: Summer of SRD, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

August 19, 2022

    In this episode Saul and Jolene talk about the SRD's (System Reference Document) that are being published by some game publishers of their in house RPG Systems.  Saul has been wondering about this happening with a couple of publishers. 
    Specifically Modiphius with their 2D20 system and Free League with their Year Zero Engine.  Each of these publishers have made several RPG rules using a version of their in house systems.  Saul has GM'ed or played in several of each publishers games.  Conan, Mutant Chronicles, Star Trek Adventures, John Carter of Mars for Modphius and  Coriolis, Tales From the Loop and Alien.
     The problem Saul saw was that every incarnation of the system was different, sometimes just a bit other were quite a bit different.  So a SRD solves that problem of having one set of rules for the house system.
      Saul and Jolene both meander a bit and go off topic but they finally get back to SRDs and why they feel each publisher putting out an SRD of their house systems as a good thing.
   Episode Art by Michael Shean-Jones
    Web Art by Jim Foster
   Music by Denni A.  song Summer Days, off the album Indys.
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