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Jul 2022

Episode 205: Buying RPGs Going Out Of Print, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

July 15, 2022

 RPGs go out of print for many reasons.  Is it a good idea to buy an RPG that will be going "Out Of Print"?  Saul and Jolene discuss the idea of buying RPG books that will be going out of print.  There are many reasons that a gamer might want to play RPGs that will no longer be printed.  Saul comes up with 3 different reasons why someone would buy a game that will no longer be supported and Jolene picks which one is Saul. 

      As always thanks for listening.


      Episode art by Michael Shean-Jones

      Hosting Page art  by Jim Foster

      Music by Faces of Madness,  song Rusted Memories of a Hero,  

      from the album Rusted Memories.

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