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Jul 2022

Episode 204: Updating Old RPGs, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

July 8, 2022

     Saul and Jolene discuss updating old and usually out of print games in this episode.  Saul and Jolene look at three, new modern takes on some old RPGs.  The old rules are either hard to get a hold of, because they are out of print, or the rules are written in a hard to understand style. 

      Saul and Jolene discuss how  updating the rules could bring these games to a generation of players that may have never heard of these fun games.  The games discussed are Matt Kays Mutants in the Now,  Everyday Heroes and modern interpretations of D&D editions for Original to 4th edition.  

      We would like to thank all our listeners as we just passed four years of podcasting.

      Episode art by Michael Shean-Jones

      Hosting Page art  by Jim Foster


     Music by The Ghosts of Vegas, song Modern Love.

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