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Jun 2022

Episode 203: Limiting Player’s Options, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

June 29, 2022

      Saul when running his D&D games has never allowed Evil Characters or Assassins.  Though Saul had this rule he didn't have to enforce for 25 years as a GM.  Many GMs often have limits in their games.  GM's often restrict such things as certain races, Alignments, Classes, "broken characters"  and many other reasons in many different games.

      Saul and Jolene discuss this topic in this episode.  Is it good, bad and how is the best way to deal with players that want to play those things that are on the "No Play' list.  


      Episode art by Michael Shean-Jones

      Hosting Page art  by Jim Foster

      Music by Franco Pellegrini, song Historias

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