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Jun 2022

Episode 201: When the RPG Rules Confuse, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

June 10, 2022

     Saul and Jolene received an email from a friend who was complaining about RPGs that makes things harder by changing well known game terms for ones that are more evocative for their game setting.  

     Saul and Jolene looked into the game he was complaining about and they agreed that because the creators of the RPG were trying to be really immersive, they were making it more difficult to actually learn the rules.  

     Even after looking at videos on how to play it became very evident that those in the videos were having some difficulty explaining the game's concepts.  Saul and Jolene decided this was a good topic for an episode.

    Thank you all for listening.


      Episode art by Michael Shean-Jones

      Hosting Page art  by Jim Foster


    Music by KLNDVC, song Infinite Confusion, off the album Fresh Beets.

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