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Jun 2022

Episode 200 Vampire The Masquerade RPG, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

June 2, 2022

Its been a couple busy weeks since the recording of this episode.  It was recorded the week before Saul and Jolene went to Kublacon a gaming convention in Northern California.  It was a very well attended convention post Covid shutdowns.   So the getting ready for that convention delayed getting this episode edited and published.

   Jolene and Saul have mentioned Vampire many times in previous episodes of this podcast.  Jolene thought it would be a good subject to discuss on the podcast and deserved it's very own episode.  Though Saul never has played Vampire he has played Werewolf twice, which shares the same game world and system as Vampire.

    Though they have never played Vampire Saul and Jolene realize the impact that Vampire and the rest of the World of Darkness games have had in the world of RPGs.  With is gritty "Punk Gothic" themes Vampire hit the RPG world by storm.  Not only selling very well but also being very impactful to the Live Action Roleplaying scene.

     Thank you all for listening and all we ask is that you share our podcast with friends and family.

     Episode art by Michael Shean-Jones

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Music by Vitne,  song Masquerade, off the album Jupiter.

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