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May 2022

Episode 199: Plot Hooks in RPGs, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

May 17, 2022

Getting the players on the right track to the adventure that the GM has prepared is sometimes a bit of a problem.  Sometimes the GM's Plot Hooks are too vague, too numerous, or too obvious that the players don't follow the path to the adventure prepared.   Saul and Jolene discuss ways that could make it easier for your players to go down the right path onto the adventure.  

    As usual Jolene scours the internet to find GM horror stories of Plot Hooks that just did not hook the players interest.  Even Saul is befuddled by how such obvious plot hooks could be ignored by the players.  Saul and Jolene give some tips on making plot hooks, and how to present them so your adventure doesn't have a rough start.  

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   Episode art by Michael Shean-Jones

   Hosting Page art  by Jim Foster


   Music by Jahzzar, song Storyteller, from the album Traveller's Guide.

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