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Mar 2022

Episode 192: The Cortex RPG Systems, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

March 24, 2022

     One of Saul's and Jolene's favorite shows was Firefly.   Shortly after the movie Serenity was out there was a RPG game based on the movie called Serenity.   This RPG use a system first seen in the Sovereign Stone RPG.  It was adapted and used to run the Serenity RPG.  The publisher's of the Serenity RPG went on to published other RPGs based on popular IPs of that time. Each of those RPGs used version of what was dubbed the Cortex RPG system.

     The Cortex system has changed and the most recent version published in 2021 was Cortex Prime.

   Saul and Jolene discuss the various RPGs that used a variety of Cortex systems.  

    Thank you all for Listening!


    Music by Nazarevox, song Serenity, off the album Solitude.

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