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Mar 2022

Episode 191: Kids and Gaming Redux, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

March 18, 2022

     Saul and Jolene were at Dundracon and were asked to do an episode about kids and gaming.  We did an episode about three years ago but decided that our son is now 18 and share a parents perspective on how gaming has influenced and shaped our son to become the adult he is today.  

     Saul and Jolene go over the positive influences of gaming, especially if kids are introduced to games at a very young age.  Saul and Jolene also discuss the lasting impact of gaming with your children,  you just might get an adult with a love of gaming.

   Thank you all for listening.


  Music by Burn Down the Charade, song Brilliant Kids,  off the album Revelations and Revolutions.

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