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Nov 2021

Episode 177: Playing Your Best Game, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

November 23, 2021

     At one point as a RPG players your going to get into a situation where you may not be playing in a game that isn't your favorite.  Whether the RPG game Shuffler at the Game Con did you wrong or your GM really wants to run a game that isn't exactly the type of game you really like you need to decide to play or make the best of it.

     In this episode Saul and Jolene discuss games where the ones they participated in were not high on their list of the type of game they usually preferred.  From your friend's house to the Game Con you might be stuck, roped, or land in a RPG that isn't "your cup of tea."  Well listen to this episode and see what Saul and Jolene have done and do in this situation.

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    Music by Cheri C. Russell, song You Played Yourself

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