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Oct 2021

Episode 171 Making Non-Generic RPGs into Generic RPGs, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

October 12, 2021

    A few episodes ago Saul made a comment about 5th Edition D&D.  The gist of the comment was that a ruleset not intended as a generic RPG be used as a generic RPG.   This was aimed specifically at D&D 5th edition due to one the popularity of the RPG and because of that popularity it has spawned many different RPGs using that ruleset.   This was due to the number of RPG PDFs that Saul had bought and was not impressed with the use of D&D 5th edition rules OGL.  

       That was a while ago and since then he has played many different RPGs and now Saul is thinking he may have been wrong.  Especially after looking at a few RPGs whose rules have been used for completely different genres that what the original rules were used for.

     Saul and Jolene discuss this topic with Saul using three systems that in his mind were never intended to be used as a multi-genre, generic ruleset, but actually do a great job of exactly that.  

    Thank you all for listening and please share our podcast.

   Music by Counterfeiti, song Generic, off the album A Glimpse, an Eclipse.

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