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Aug 2021

Episode 165: Non-Combat Encounters, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

August 28, 2021

      Saul and Jolene on a previous episode discussed making combat encounters more fun, so Saul thought they should discuss encounters that do not center on combat.  Non-Combat encounters, even in games like D&D where there is a heavy emphasis on combat.  

      Even in D&D having encounters that do not deal combat or fighting are possible and fun.  Saul and Jolene also talk about how adding non combat encounters might make certain players have a bit more fun especially if they didn't make combat centered characters.  

     Other elements of these types of encounters are they are usually garner more roleplaying, less things to prepare for the GM and the group as a whole can really enjoy a different pace in their RPG sessions.

    As always thank you all for listening.


  Music by The Passionists, song Last Encounter, off the album Parallel Similarities.

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