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Aug 2021

Episode 163: Plot Armor in RPGs, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

August 14, 2021

     Jolene was watching Youtube videos and a discussion about Plot Armor got her attention.  Jolene asked Saul about it and the result is this episode.  What is "Plot Armor", hint it is a real thing outside of RPGs? How is it used in RPGs.  Saul and Jolene discuss "plot armor" in RPGs.  As usual Saul's stance is sort of set in stone while Jolene's tac is a bit more reasonable.

       A listener posted a comment on a podcatcher that Jolene was looking at and they had a fine idea about the naming of the episodes.  The comment was how when our show is listed it usually cuts off the name of the actual episode.  So we decided it was prudent to put the name of the episode first and then the name of the podcast.  That way you know what the episode is about as you look at our episode list.  Thanks to that listener, great idea.

     Thank you all for listening and please share our podcast.

    Music by Everette B. Walters, song And the Story Goes On, off the album Always High Reaching.

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