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Aug 2022

Bonus Episode Interview with Agis Angelomatis from RPG Stories, Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

August 9, 2022

        In early July Saul was contacted by Christina from RPG Stories  on the Gaming Perspectives Facebook account.  Working with Christina we were able to get an interview with Agis Angelomatis.    
    In this Bonus Episode Saul and Jolene interview Agis of RPG Stories, to learn what they have been working on to change your online TTRPGs experience .  RPG Stories is a 3D Virtual Table Top for TTRPGs.
    Please take a look at the RPG stories website and check out their Kickstarter page and hit the notify button as it helps their KS analytics
     Saul and Jolene really like doing interviews because it shows how most gamers just love this hobby and want to share that love of the hobby with everyone.
     As always thanks for listening and please share our podcast with Family and Friends.
   Here is the link to RPG Stories web site.
    Episode Art by Michael Shean-Jones
    Web Art by Jim Foster